GPO Reform

MDMA continues to be the lead medical technology organization in Washington calling for the group purchasing organization (GPO) industry to reform. MDMA has testified before Congress and regularly meets with lawmakers, Capitol Hill staff, Department of Justice (DOJ) representatives and others to educate them on the importance of reforming the system.

MDMA is dedicated to the passage of legislation that will restore the illegality of kickbacks between suppliers and GPOs so that patients have access to the best care at the best price.

The MDMA GPO Working Group meets on an "as needed" basis via teleconference.  Email notification will be sent to all working group participants when a call has been scheduled.  If you would like to join this working group, click here.

Latest News

NYT Op-Ed: How a Cabal Keeps Generics Scarce

ABOUT a year ago, President Obama signed a law that was supposed to end chronic shortages of lifesaving drugs. But the critical lack of generic drugs continues unabated. It is a preventable crisis that is inflicting suffering on patients and, in some cases, causing needless deaths...

Top Lawmakers Call for GPO Investigation

Top lawmakers including ranking Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Congressman Henry Waxman and Co-Chair of the House MedTech Caucus Congresswoman Anna Eshoo have called for an investigation into Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).. .

GAO Issues Report on Medical Device Pricing

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report looking at the pricing and transparency of costs for certain medical devices, focusing on implantables such as stents and artificial knees and hips . . .