From establishing a favorable public policy agenda, to impacting a piece of legislation, to fostering a favorable image, corporations, associations and coalitions succeed by communicating their message or marketing their product in the most efficient and strategic manner. Especially in today's hyperactive social media environment, navigating the countless outreach tools available can be difficult when trying to articulate a strategic message or product rollout. Fortunately, MDMA's team of campaign veterans and industry experts is here to help.

What is MDMA Doing?

MDMA works with members to provide advice on leveraging print, broadcast, online and social medica coverage to build awareness and drive conversations surrounding specific goals as well as broader coalition and industry wide interests. By leveraging the broad grassroots support of our members and industry, MDMA has been successful in engaging lawmakers both inside and outside of Washington. Recently, MDMA released a "Grassroots and Public Affairs Handbook" to our members for use in their outreach campaigns. More in depth strategy and communications are revealed in MDMA's Communications Working Group.

Communications Working Group

The MDMA Communications Working Group typically meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 2pm ET via teleconference.  Brendan Benner, MDMA's Vice President of Public Affairs, hosts the call.  If you would like to be added to this distribution list, please click here to be added to the distribution list.