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A Message from MDMA's Chairman and President & CEO

Friday, June 5, 2020  
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A Message from MDMA’s Chairman and President & CEO


“While the world continues to confront the damage and pain inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the disproportionate impact on minority communities, our nation is also being reminded of the pain caused by an ongoing legacy of racism and racial disparities.  The images that we have all seen on television, and that many of us are experiencing in our neighborhoods, are a powerful call to the United States to confront the inequalities caused by hatred, divisiveness, and intolerance.


“We are all horrified by the tragic death of George Floyd, and our hearts go out to his family, his loved ones, and all those who have suffered at the hands of violence.


“NO American should ever have to confront the ugly face of racism, while EVERY American should be permitted to peaceably and passionately protest, to have their voice heard, and their 1st Amendment rights protected.


“Medical technology innovation is built on the successes of the past, and a desire to fix and improve what is not working in the health care delivery system and patient care.  We must all be equally committed to make the United States a stronger, more compassionate, more inclusive and more just nation, while confronting the mistakes of our collective past, and working together to make the changes needed to provide a safe and equitable community for all Americans.


“We can do better, and we must do better. 


“We have never been more proud to be a part of our amazing ecosystem as we confront the COVID-19 pandemic, and to work with the tremendous men and women in our industry who commit themselves to the passionate mission of improving patient care, saving lives and improving the quality of life.  We know that we will also help to confront the systemic crisis of racial inequality, and work together to make the United States a more fair and tolerant place.”

Jeff McCaulley

CEO, Avalign Technologies, Inc.
Chairman, MDMA

Mark Leahey
President & CEO, MDMA