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MDMA, Broad Coalition Urge Congress on Liability Protections

Wednesday, May 27, 2020  
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This week, MDMA signed a letter with more than 200 trade groups urging Congress to pass sensible liability protections as part of the next COVID-19 relief package. "Absent a targeted safe harbor for those that work to follow applicable guidelines, the fear and uncertainty from boundless liability threatens to impede our country's social and economic recovery," the letter states.

The coalition asks Congress to quickly enact temporary liability protections for the following sections of corporate America:
  • businesses, non- profit organizations, and educational institutions that work to follow applicable public health guidelines against COVID-19 exposure claims;
  • healthcare workers and facilities providing critical COVID-19-related care and services;
  • manufacturers, donors, distributors, and users of vaccines, therapeutics, medical devices, as well as PPE and other supplies (such as hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies) that are critical to the COVID-19 response; and
  • public companies targeted by unfair and opportunistic COVID-19-related securities lawsuits.
Read the full letter by CLICKING HERE. MDMA continues to engage policy makers on further efforts to address COVID-19, reopening the country and much more to ensure that policies developed do not hurt our industry or impede your ability to develop lifesaving and life-changing technologies. While it remains unknown as to when Congress will pass the next relief package, numerous policy makers have discussed having one completed by the end of June.