Spencer Stiles
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Spencer Stiles

President, Stryker Spine

Spencer began his career with Stryker in 1999. During his nine years with Stryker Endoscopy, he served in various sales and marketing leadership roles and made significant contributions to Endoscopy’s product development process.

After managing Endoscopy’s Midwest Sales Region, Spencer Stiles was named the Director of Marketing for Stryker Communications in March of 2008. He subsequently became General Manager of the Communications business through 2010 and was responsible for driving adoption and growth throughout the Integrated Operating Room market.

Spencer was named President of Stryker Spine in December 2010.  While at Spine, Spencer implemented various growth strategies including utilizing M&A to diversify the Spine product offering.  Key acquisitions including OrthoVita and CoAlign allowed the Spine business to enter new rapidly expanding markets. 

Spencer was named President of Stryker Instruments in April of 2015. 

Spencer holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Miami University.  He also completed a Semester At Sea through the University of Pittsburgh.